Dying From Cancer, Asking Desperately For An Act Of Kindness, Not For Him But For His Puppy

Dying from cancer when you own pets is a hard thing, amongst the worry of putting your affairs in order, is the added worry of your pets when you die. Rowdy, a 10-year-old beagle mix breed dog is owned by one such person who is dying from cancer…

His owner is desperately looking for a loving home for his beloved doggie before he dies, that one person or family to adopt him and look after him well.

Although Rowdy and Harold have been a fixture in the local playground for the past eight years or so, more recently her owner has not felt like going.

This started shortly after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer that was also in his liver and lungs, his friend Mona Ahmed said anyway!

He is asking desperately for an act of kindness, not for him but for his lovely doggie.

And he was very emotional and was, in fact, crying to his friend Mona…

He said: …take it to a shelter”but Mona said: “…there’s no way.”


Mona is looking after Rowdy, she has custody of him and she said that she believes that he wouldn’t do well in such a small space of a pen in an animal shelter.

She is hoping that someone will adopt him and he can live in a loving home.

Mona said:

“I would like to do a home check to see that Rowdy goes to the right home because I want to make sure about the fence and it will be good if somebody has another dog …She’s 10 but she still plays like she’s five.”

She is such a happy and lovely energetic dog, she really misses her owner and she will, of course, be happy to go to another loving home, somewhere around FRESNO, California or someone who can travel…

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