Dumpster Dog Saved By Neighbours That Refused To Turn A Blind Eye

Right Across the United States Of America, it’s getting more and more common to see dogs abandoned by their owners. These are people who have decided that they don’t want their dogs anymore for some reason are taking the easy but heartless option of abandoning them leaving others to do the right thing and rehome these faithful companions…

One of these abandoned dogs, called Joey, was left on the sidewalk with a few blankets and some water, a gesture of guilt for something they knew was completely wrong!

Joey was on the Miami neighborhood streets and that’s how resident Julian Rovito had heard about him.

Julian said: “We found him in the neighborhood on a corner in a makeshift dog house made out of a box” – “We have a neighborhood blog that alerted us to the situation.”

A few honest and selfless people grouped together to help Joey, who was at first very scared of people in general! They took care of his immediate needs and cared for him.

As time passed by Joey was lured into a crate with some tasty treats and then taken to Alton Road Animal Hospital, where he is resting, recovering and being well looked after.

Having been neglected for such a long time he had some health issues as you might expect, however with the very generous donations received from fellow animal lovers and the care of the veterinarian Joe’s future is looking very bright indeed!

The rescue group, who are based in Miami and called the ‘Animal Recovery Mission’, kindly reched out and are also helping too.

Julian said:

“Animal Recovery Mission is helping and guiding us along the way…They will be helping us place him in a foster home to continue his recovery”

It wasn’t long at all before Joey could move to a foster carer and then from there to a home where had been adopted, all thanks to the ‘Animal Recovery Mission’, a big thanks to them!

Cynthia Ortiz, Joey’s newly adopted mom wrote on her Facebook post, just shortly after taking hi home:

“Joey is winding down”

“At first he just wanted to hang out by his bowl. Then he hung out on the screened patio with us.

He finally sat on his new pillow and is getting ready to chill for the day. He is handling all of this superbly. He’s so awesome.”

I think that not only all the neighbors but Julian, the vet, everyone who donated, all the Animal Rescue center staff and Joe’s newly adopted mom all deserve a huge THANK YOU!

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