Abandoned, Dumped At A Shelter, Scared To Look Anyone In The Eye, Finally Takes His Freedom Walk!

Some people may think that humans don’t have that big of an impact on animals. But when you see an animal that is abandoned by their family, you know that isn’t true.

Dogs suffer an astounding among of abuse and neglect from humans. It’s remarkable that they are ever able to trust us after what has happened to them.

Maverick’s family dumped him off at the Shelter. The poor dog was so distraught, he refused to look anyone in the eye.

He didn’t know what he’d done wrong, so he punished himself into isolation.

Freedom walk videos are my favorite kind of dog videos. The look on a dog’s face when they realize they’re going home with nice people is indescribable. There is no purer form of joy!

When Maverick first starts his freedom walk, he’s very cautious. But you can see after getting lots of attention during the walk, he begins to get a pep in his step.

He starts to hold his head high and move a little faster. You can see how his smile comes back to him in the video below!

Not only will his new home be full of love, but there will also be a goat that Maverick can make friends with and play around together with!


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