Drunk former monk runs over DOG as he was annoyed at it biting him

A 57 year old man, monk, caught on CCTV running over a temple dog has given himself up to police.

The monk said he didn’t mean to kill “Duck Dick” but he was annoyed that the mutt kept taking a bite and him and his mum when they went to make merit at the temple, reports Sanook.

And Prasit Srikularp also told Krathumbaen police in Samut Sakorn that he was drunk in his pick-up at the time.

Netizens were outraged when the footage of the death of Duck Dick, a bitch, emerged earlier in the week. There was nowhere to hide from the media storm for her killer who decided to take a day off work to admit what he had done.

Prasit said that he had actually ordained at the temple – Wat Orm Noi – and often visited there to make merit with his mother. He said he was fed up with them getting bitten by Duck Dick.

But he didn’t mean to kill her, just give her a scare. Besides, he was drunk at the time, he told the cops.

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He has been charged under a cruelty to animals statute; that allows for a prison term of 2 years or 40,000 baht fine.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Prasit Srikularp, 57, is seen creeping up to the sleeping dog in his pick-up truck; Ex monk then accelerates and the dog is crushed to death under the front wheel. He claimed he was drunk at the time in Thailand and only wanted to ‘scare her’. Charged with cruelty to animals and faces up to two years in jail and a £850 fine