Drunken Guy Brutally Chops Dog’s Snout As He Tries To Protect His Owners Bike!

The world just seems to be getting crueler by the day, or perhaps we are seeing the cruelty more, but either way, it’s important to know about what is going on so we can work to stop it! Wacku, a beautiful doggie is one of these cases…

Is was a guy, drunk who, back in 2002, cut off Wacku’s shout with a machete, the seven-year-old doggie guarding his owners tricycle in a quiet and remote town in the Philippines.

The poor doggie was almost killed, he could have been hacked up, thankfully though this dog was lucky enough to be rescued by a Filipino animal welfare charity.

This animal cruelty case was so incredibly extreme that it catalyzed a change in the laws of the country on animal welfare and sentences and fines were ramped up for such crimes.

We are very thankful that Wacku has recovered, but only after spending five years in the rescue center, all the time he was there waiting for someone to give him a safe loving home.

animal cruelty

His rescue came just in time, and just as it seemed like there was going to be no chance of adoption, an American charity saw his distress looking for a loving home and step in to find a home for him.

Founder of the “Road Dogs and Rescue”, Nikki Carvey traveled to the Philippines to take Wacku back to the USA, then just two weeks after he arrived on US soil he was all of a sudden in his forever home.

Wacku now lives with Liesl Wilhardt in Oregon, he even has a new BestFriendForever, a beautiful corgi crossed with a pit bull, who also has an unusual injury, a twisted jaw, Picasso (you know him from another story we have)!

animal cruelty

Liesl said: “When I saw a video of Wacku online I just fell in love with him.”

Liesl also happens to run a charity called “Luvable Dog Rescue”, she said that even though he has shocking features than he is very intelligent and quite social too!

She said:

“Picasso and Wacku are both exceptionally calm, tolerant and social dogs and they don’t notice each other’s physical differences.”

Dogs are just dogs, because after all, if a dog roughly looks like a dog and smells like a dog, to another dog of course, then, of course, they are just another dog!

animal cruelty

Thankfully Wacku still has his tongue, the attack at least didn’t take it from him, Liesl says that he is able to eat and swallow, all be it a little messy. He can also smell and loves sniffing around like most other dogs.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be much that holds him back at all!

animal cruelty

Liesl was asked:

“How do other people react to the little pup’s unusual looks?”

She replied:

“When people see him they are literally stopped dead in their tracks. They stare and are kind of horrified.”

“He has lost half his face and it’s crazy at first, but he acts so normal and happy and once people get to know who he is on the inside they forget about it.”

“He seems to recognize almost right away when people are good and is incredibly affectionate.”

“He climbs into my lap and licks and kisses me, which is a really weird feeling when he has no upper face.”

animal cruelty

Liesl said:

“I had this gut feeling that he would be really happy with me and my dogs …I thought it would take weeks for him to get comfortable and adapt but he is amazing – it took him 24 hours. ‘We introduced him to my other dogs and he was great. ‘I feel blessed to be part of his life.”

To Wacku we hope you have a great time in your new forever home and are very happy, please SHARE this story and let’s raise awareness together.

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