From Drug Den Basement , Then The Streets, Pit Bull Learns To Climb Mountains

In Las Vegas, this amazing pit bull spent years locked away in a basement of a house used for drugs.

Her owners had apparently abandoned her where she was found, on the Bronx streets, but a police officer had found her mingling with other dogs and taken them to the pound!

As it happens the pound was full to the brim, so Penni’s only option, sadly, was to go on the list for euthanasia.

Luckily for her, a dog rescue group, ‘Fur Friends in Need’ were able to intervene and remove Penni from her dire situation and begin her path to salvation and get her healthy and ready for adoption.

Penni’s luck really was on a roll because a nice guy called Blaine DeLuca, after visiting five other rescue groups finally arrived at Fur Friends in Need, it seems six was his lucky number because he then wanted to meet Penni and arranged it with the rescue centre.

He knew that she may well be really timid and afraid, he said:

“That in mind, I took a seat on the sidewalk and waited on her to approach me” … “Without hesitation, she walked up, sat in my lap, and started licking me! I immediately knew that she was the dog for me!”

Blaine was so happy to take Penni home and gradually began to build a bond with her on nature trails, he said:

“I started taking her on small nature trails during daylight hours in order to help her relax,” says DeLuca. “She immediately responded. She was an entirely different dog when we were in the solitude of the forest.”

Jumping two years on and Peni has really come leaps and bounds, transformed from shy and scared to fearless and excited for the adventure together with her best friend and owner.

“She is well-versed in long-distance hiking, high elevations, rappelling, cliff-side scrambles, and even has a little experience zip-lining,” says DeLuca. “There is no terrain she cannot handle!”

Penni’s story is that of fortune, love and an amazing transformation, it just goes to show what you can achieve when you build such a bond with an amazing dog like Penni.

Penni became the amazing dog she was always meant to be!

Her owners really want to dispel the negativity surrounding pit bulls with their Instagram page, so let’s help them by sharing this amazing storey and what is really possible with love, patience and positivity toward your dog!

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