Hit By A Car, Left To Die, He Came To Me And Looked Directly Into My Eyes!

Driving is a huge responsibility and if you hit something like a living being, human or animal then it’s only natural to stop and check if who you hit is hurt and then even take action if needed! Well sadly in this case that is precisely the opposite of what happened…

This husband explains what happened to his wife at the gym one day. While she was training a lovely cute doggie came limping over to her, he seemed to be able to move alright, but he looked very worse for wear!

He really did just look like he had been hot by a car, cuts all over him, on his face and his body, in fact, he looked like he had been in a war! He seemed to be happy considering how he looked, the poor little fella….

The couple don’t have a dog of their own and this guy wife love doggies, so any excuse to bring a puppy or a doggie home is perfect for her! The injuries looked pretty serious but she had to get to work, but she took him straight to the vet.

They posted to Facebook about the dog to see if he had a worried owner looking for him, the vet said that his injuries were indeed most likely to be from a vehicle, she signed the little guy over to the vet to care for.


So if you hit something on the road then it’s normal to stop and check what happened right? IF you knew you had hit a dog then for sure you would see if he or she was ok, of course, yes?

A lot of people may not be fully familiar with the protocol about stopping and rendering assistance to an animal that’s been injured by a car, but there really is information about this on n the Roads and Maritime Services site for all to see!

So the advice does say to hit the animal IF it means avoiding injury or death to yourself or others, but to be honest how many of would do this, our instinct is to avoid the animal. But regardless you are meant to contact the owner, police or the RSPCA (association for the protection of animals).

If you hit an animal and it is injured then you should take it to the nearest shelter you can find, no matter what kind of animal!

The comments on Facebook were lovely, everyone was very concerned about the doggie…

One person said:

“Omg hope he’s gonna be okay”

Another said:

“Poor baby, typical Staf though, been through the wars and still smiling.”

It’s obvious that most of us do really care and are genuinely caring people, but not the person driving the car, for sure! He must have left some kind of mark on the bumper of the car, surely!

No matter what the animal is the normal reaction to killing an animal with your car, by accident, is horror and upset, and this is normal…. But there are some people, in this case, where that isn’t the case.

Well, we hope that Karma catches up with them, or they get caught one day and brought to justice!!

What do you think ?