Dozens of dogs found in feces-laden RV in 95-degree weather

The animals were living in squalor inside of the RV

Dozens of dogs, and two chickens, were discovered earlier this month inside of a filthy RV in Yakima, Washington. On July 7, the Yakima Humane Society wrote,

“34 dogs, 2 chickens and 95 degrees. That’s what our Animal Control Officers were facing last night, dealing with a hoarding situation. They found the entire living space covered in feces, fleas and garbage. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.”

The pictures speak volumes about what these animals had been forced to endure – the interior of the RV is laden with feces and garbage abounds.

The stench from so many animals, confined to such a small space in the Summer’s heat, was undoubtedly overwhelming.

Yes, that’s feces!

The days of suffering for these animals are over – all were transported to the Yakima Humane Society’s adoption center for care.

On July 12, the animal shelter provided a heartwarming update about some of the rescued animals (total number of dogs was later determined to be 36!):

The two chickens were placed into a loving and caring home and will be spending the rest of their lives frolicking on the farm.

As well as one sad announcement – one of the puppies did not survive. The remaining pups were treated to much-needed grooming sessions, as well as vaccinations and treatment for parasites.

Now the time has come for these little darlings to be adopted! It is time for them to embark on a new life – with a loving family.

We need homes!

Interested in adding one of these cuties to your life? Visit the adoption page for the Yakima Humane Society here. Donations to help care for these cuties can be made at this link.

As for the person who kept these dogs (and chickens) inside of the filthy RV – the Union Gap Police Department is conducting an investigation and will determine if charges are warranted.

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