Downtrodden And Mangy Dog Rescued From Streets Experiences A True Transformation!

A deadly instance of mange was found with a stray dog called Monk, rescued off the streets of Memphis, TN.

He was treated by Doctors like he was gaunt, with 3rd-degree burns, so need I say that this poor dog was so weak and frail that his saviors knew that his recovery would be slow and steady.

Monk was feeling so downtrodden, thirsty and fatigued from his illness, lost the will to live after his long struggle, his seemingly mangled bones nearly protruding through his flesh, he just needed a good rest and bucketfuls of love!

The amazing people that donated to the Street Dog Foundation are the reason that Monk could get all the immediate medical care he had to have, fluids and blood, food and really importantly antibiotics too!

He put up with deep scrubs daily to get rid of his infected surface skin layers, he was very brave!

Time passed very quickly and hours were days, days were weeks, then before seemingly long months had passed. Finally and without short of a small miracle Monk’s was feeling better and not only showing the signs of emotional recovery, but his cuts and gashes were healed completely too.

Monk, now blossoming from being the former shadow of himself, with such a severe case of mange it was only now that he revealed himself, from under that dark shadow, that doctors could tell that he was a puppy and not even one year old as he was rescued off the streets.

And very happily the vets could say that he is a crossbreed of Great Dane and pit bull.

Watch the video below to see this amazing dog’s journey from being shamefully thrown away to being a diamond in the rough and now also a loved member of a family.

May the women and men who set their sights and determination to give him a second chance be blessed by God!

NB. Please be aware that the video contains shocking footage of monk’s severe case of mange, viewing is cautioned if you find these types of scenes disturbing.

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