DouDou: Poodle in viral video walking on 2 legs cruel and not cute!

Dogs walk on four legs because that is how they are designed.

It is not natural for a dog to walk erect on its two hind legs, yet a viral video of the brown poodle named DouDou has been viewed by millions with many Chinese netizens smiling and laughing – commenting how cute it is.

In the latest video, the poodle adorned in a backpack and a cute outfit, momentarily is perceived by the viewer as a happy youngster bouncing down the street, but when the little one turns around – where we expected to see a small child, it’s the face of a dog!

According to the poodle’s owner, Wen, he continues to insist he never taught the dog to walk on her hind legs, and she was never abused.


In fact, he says DouDou prefers to walk on her two legs. It’s rather difficult to believe any dog given four legs, would choose to walk on two; and most animal trainers seesaw on the edge of animal abuse – if not downright cruelty in their training methods.

Perhaps one the most viewed video of a dog being trained to walk on her back legs shows a little white poodle pushed into a corner standing on her hind legs.


Her owner is shown holding a shoe threatening the dog with a beating as the shivering little dog cowers in the corner on her two back legs.

Compare forcing a dog to walk on her back legs to similar training circus animals – think training elephants; forcing tigers to run through hoops of fire, dancing bears on tightropes… can anyone believe these animals want to perform these heinous acts for the sole entertainment of humans?


And if you’re one of the netizens amused by this “entertainment,” at least think about the health of the dog. Their tiny knees are not made to support their weight on two legs.

How long will it be before they suffer from arthritis or other medical maladies? Why do humans need to dress dogs like humans and make them act like humans?

After all, they are dogs, and shouldn’t a dog just be a dog? We have lots of jobs for them; from guarding us, rescuing us and emotionally keeping us safe. Isn’t that enough?