I don’t Want Her, Just Put Her Down – Woman Tells Shelter

I’ve had dogs in my life since I was a child. Once these pooches entered our home, they became part of our family.

The thought of abandoning them never crossed our minds. We loved them despite the mischief they caused, messes they made and shoes and socks they shredded.

Mitsie is a senior beagle. She spent the first eleven years of her life with a single family. Like humans, dog’s lives are shaped by those who care for them. They can make or break a pet’s ability to have a long, happy, and healthy life.

One day, Mitsie’s human, a woman, took her to a local shelter and surrendered the sweet girl. Rather, she abandoned Mitsie. the woman gave no reason for handing Mitsie over.

Imagine having a dog for over ten years and suddenly deciding to just give up on them. Quite horrible and sad. Poor Mitsie; she didn’t see this coming. Worse yet, the staff wasn’t expecting the request the woman made before leaving Mitsie for the final time. Like them, it might make your blood freeze.

“Put her to sleep.” Yes, the woman wanted Mitsie destroyed. Why? The beautiful beagle wasn’t ill or injured. The woman was simply tired of Mitsie.

The staff at the Atlanta shelter didn’t follow the lady’s request. They wouldn’t put down such a lovable and sweet dog as Mitsie. Instead, staff posted photos of the precious beagle on social media. They told everyone of how Mitsie ended up at their shelter.

Soon after, Mitsie had many potential owners vying to have her enter their homes. Despite being a senior dog, people didn’t care that she was older. They wanted to make up for the life she’d had with such a nasty owner who threw her away like she was a bit of rubbish.

No animal deserves to be thrown away. All animals have value regardless of their age. They should be loved and be given the best care possible.

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