Donor Has Amazing Gift for Homeless Guy After A Plea For His Dog!

Often when we make a decision in life we really can’t predict the future, so we make our decision as best we can and that is all we can do! This one guy really had some hard changes though, very sad for him and his dog…

He did a lovely thing and adopted a dog from a rescue center, a lovely cream and white pit pull a little earlier on this year, sadly though within a few months some things had changed drastically, maybe not how you would imagine though!

He called the dog ‘Meaty’ and when he adopted him he had a lovely family, job, home etc… But then he got evicted from his home and they were homeless, looking for a home.

Very few shelters accepted animals so Robert thought up a plan, he took Meaty and his car and they lived in there together, his beloved dog wouldn’t then get cold and feel stressed.

Like any bad situation like this, it was much harder than he thought it would be so he went to the ‘Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter’ but hid request was very unusual.

He asked could they please find somebody that might be happy to foster Meaty until the family was all sorted out and in a stable situation again.

The video you can watch below is really heartfelt and will grab your attention like it did the shelter’s manager, Gina Knepp, she was so incredibly touched by the family’s struggle that she paid, herself, for a several nights stay at a dog-friendly hotel, just how awesome is that!

The shelter staff hoped that there would be another person who watches the video and that they will offer to help the family out of their desperate situation in some way.

One thing for sure, we can definitely say that pets are important to homeless people, their faithful friend, always there and always supportive, and protective too.

The video has really spread, perhaps because of Roberts real sincere plea to get the best for his dog while he is in such a bad position, even complete strangers are offering to help him.

To all of a sudden find that you are homeless is a real shock, even more so when you have to give up your beloved pet as well.

See more about this story from the video below, Robert is one dedicated pet owner:

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