Dog’s Tongue Stuck To A Freezing Manhole Cover, Saved By The Act Of A Kind Man!

We have all seen the comedy sketches where someone gets their tongue stuck to something really cold, but to actually see it in real life is astonishing – the poor doggie …

This doggie, for whatever reason, managed to get her tongue stuck to a manhole cover, it was frozen stuck.

The temperatures in the day have been around just 5F, more than cold enough to cause something like this.

The dog was fortunate enough that sole was passing by and had seen what had happened to the dog and came to help her!

It all happened in a place called Vladivostok, Russia and it was the quick thinking of this Russian man that saved her.


The guy that found the dog luckily had some water that was warm from being inside his jacket, he tipped the water on the dog’s tongue to release her.

After he had tipped the whole bottle on the dog’s tongue before she was released from the metal manhole cover, he then shouts another passerby to help.

doggieThe dog seems very grateful to the man who stoops down to stroke her, and she licks him with her tongue which is surprisingly undamaged through the whole thing!

doggieThe temperatures in Russia in that remote region of Yakutia can be as low as around -125F. At these temperatures, everyone has a big problem, but especially pets and small children.

The authorities in the local area advised that children and animals be kept at home because of the severe low temperatures that are dangerous during prolonged exposure.

This month alone two men froze to death while trying to walk to a local farm when their car broke down, three of the five survived as they had warm clothes on!

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