He Successfully Guarded His Home In The Most Devastating Fires Ever

It’s no secret that dogs exhibit loyalty to their owners, some even more than others, but all dogs have this instinct, a dog’s loyalty to their master and where they live is common knowledge, but here is the proof…

This is a truly lovely story, it has a happy ending too, from California’s terrible fires, which started on
8 November, where 85 perished and thousands of homes were destroyed.

On person, Andrea Gaylord from Paradise, the town nearly obliterated by fires, had to leave in a rush leaving two dogs behind, Madison and Miguel.

The firefighters managed to contain the fires by 25 November, then a pet hunter, called Shayla Sullivan was allowed into the area, devastated by fires, to look for lost pets and surviving pets left behind.

There was also another rescuer who already came across Miguel, so Shayla kept up the search to look for Madison.

She was experienced and her experience told her to leave food and water around the burnt remains of Gaylord’s house.

She also rubbed some clothes on Miguel and put them strategically there at the house too, hoping that the lost doggie will smell the scent of his friend and come to investigate.

Then lastly the evacuation order was finally lifted and Andrea, Shayla, and Miguel went to where their home was to look to see if he had returned to the place he knew, maybe he was there waiting.

Thankfully and joyously the two dogs were so happy to see each other, he was there waiting of course, and Andrea and Shayla were happy onlookers during the reunion.

Gaylord said:

“You are the best dog”

Her voice was shaky and she was of course crying with joy, on her voice breaking as she cried on Shayla’s shoulders.

Sullivan said:

“Reuniting Miguel and Madison was amazing …They said their HELLOS and then went back to work. Miguel took a guard over the lower part of the property and Madison took the top. It must be such a RELIEF for Madison to have his partner back.”

We are so happy that this was a happy end to what must have been a nervous wait to know if their beloved dog was ok, but the end to the story that was truly amazing!

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