Dogs Life Hangs In The Balance As Judge Makes Decision On Owners Appeal

Do you remember Brian Ceccarelli and his fight to save his dog, well that lovely doggie called ‘Chance’ has had his decision from the court, after spending 168 days on doggie death row a judge has made his decision…

As you may remember ‘Chance’ is a boxer breed of dog and he really helped his owner cope with daily life, because of his PTSD!

The severe anxiety that Brian suffers from, this clever doggie comes to lay with him when he has a severe attack, it really helps him calm down!

In 2017 some of his neighbors accused Chance of attacking and injuring their dogs, a pizza deliveryman said that Chance jumped at him as he dropped off a pizza.

When the town officials put the dog into quarantine, Brian took them to court he wasn’t happy at all with what was going on.


Jeremy Cohen, an attorney for Boston Dog Lawyers, said:

“Chance has never attacked a person. He’s never bitten a person …Now Chance may behave badly, or he may not, but that’s sort of the case with all of our dogs.”

Chance was declared a danger to the public and it was ordered that he was euthanized, but Biran appealed, and now he has got his decision at last!

The judge made his decision, he also noted that Chance hadn’t been aggressive with humans and had been evaluated by two dog training professionals who said that he could easily be trained and needed the training to get him behaving correctly.

Quite aptly ‘Chance’ been given a second chance at life by the judge!

Brian said: “It’s taken a huge burden off my shoulders to know that he’s here, his home, he’s safe.”


The judge also said that while in contact with other dogs, while incarcerated at animal control, there were no issues at all.

Brian said that he spent around $10,000 on a brand new fence around his home it would enclose Chance safely in that space.

Brian said:

“He was a rescue dog. I rescued him, then he rescued me, and now I rescued him again …Now he’s back to rescue me again.”

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