Five Puppies Went Through A Different Kind Of Hell, Now Saved But They Still Cry When Humans Come

We cannot imagine the terror that these dogs feel, trapped in a cage, waiting to be the next meal for a human.

Many dogs saved from South Korean dog meat farms need a lot of time to heal and trust humans again. However, these five puppies went through a different kind of hell, and cannot simply forget their past even after months of rescue.

Whenever someone entered their kennel, they cowered, shook, and cry, falling over each other.

The puppies had to be tranquilized to be spayed and neutered. In South Korea alone, around 2 million dogs are killed every year to become meat.

However, many organizations are working to save the dogs destined to be a meal inside and outside South Korea.


The kind of terror animals feel when they’re waiting in a cage to be someone’s next meal doesn’t just disappear when they’re rescued.


In fact, it seeps right into their bones, making it hard for them to know when they’re finally safe.

We’ve seen too many cases of puppies arriving in the U.S. to begin their lives — and then just freezing up completely.


Buying the animals from the market does not stop the people from raising more dogs for consumption.

They’ll sell their current stock to you, turn around and raise more to sell for the Chinese table. You need to educate these people not to eat dog meat.

In South Korea, around 2 million dogs are killed every year for the meat trade; an industry that people like Kim, through Save Korean Dogs, has been chipping away at in recent years.


Sadly, according to the Animal Welfare Institute, the market still adds up to about 100,000 tons of dog meat every year. And a world of pain that can be hard for even the survivors to put behind them.

But even these puppies will eventually find themselves in real homes. After all, we’ve seen countless cases of dogs going from a cramped cage in South Korea …


How do they know helping hands aren’t the hurting kind? So sad. How can anyone mistreat these babies? Anyone who mistreats animals should be punished.

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