Dogs Chained, Water In Their Bowls Completely Frozen – Man Tries To Help, Gets Sent To Jail!

Doing what’s right shouldn’t result in punishment, not when it ends up saving the lives of those who can’t defend themselves.

Sadly, that’s what happened in this case when a man wanted to save two dogs chained in the snow.

Tarry Paxton owns a storage unit business that was right next to the home of John and Glenda Venable, who owned two dogs named Girl and Daisy.

They allowed him to feed the dogs whenever he wanted, which forged a bond that couldn’t be easily ignored.

So when a snow storm fell, Paxton was eager to get these dogs the help they needed. They’d been chained up outside and were likely to freeze to death.

He reported their condition to animal control, but they did nothing and didn’t return his calls.

They stated that they’d been fed and could get water from the snow, but that wasn’t enough.

Dogs Chained (2)

The water in their bowls was completely frozen, and eating snow would only reduce their internal temperatures further.

So when he took photos and shared them online, hoping that someone would help, he had the law handed to him.

Dogs Chained (5)

The Venables had him arrested for stalking and got a protective order stating that he could no longer photograph or interact with the dogs.

And though he’s free until his court date, Girl and Daisy are still tethered up outside, exposed to the elements.

He was only trying to make their lives better, and this was the thanks he got for his efforts.

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