Starving Dogs At Animal Shelter Kill Weaker Canine And Turn CANNIBAL

Horrific moment starving dogs at animal shelter kill weaker canine and turn CANNIBAL in front of screaming witnesses after staff abandoned them for days

  • Video shows dogs at abandoned shelter are forced to eat each other
  • Filmed at animalshelter in Sibate, central Colombia, by a neighbour
  • Staff had reportedly left dogs without food and water for several days

This is the horrible moment when a pack of starving rescue dogs are forced to resort to cannibalism after being abandoned in an animal shelter in Colombia.

The incident was caught on camera in a rural area on outskirts of the city of Sibate, in the central Colombian department of Cundinamarca.
The video shows a group of dogs devour another while a female off camera can be heard screaming hysterically.

She cries: ‘The dogs are killing each other, we tried to enter but we couldn’t save them. The person who did this is a miserable disgrace.’

The animal shelter had reportedly ‘rescued’ street dogs in the Colombian capital of Bogota, however they did not have resources to look after the pets, and abandoned the facility.

starving dog cannibals

No choice: Staff at the animal shelter had reportedly left the dogs with no food and water for days, forcing them to resort to cannibalism to survive

The incident was reportedly filmed a few days after the staff left the dogs to their own devices; leaving them without food and water.

‘For months now it has been known that things are not going as they should in this place.

I went after a call to alert us and what we found was terrifying,’; local Animal rights activist Yady Mancera said.

‘The dogs had resorted to cannibalism to satiate their basic necessities such as food.
‘Those few animals were left just bones and there were bodies littered everywhere, dead caged animals.

‘It is abhorrent, all that we saw does not fit in the head of a normal person; it is an insult and an embarrassment for all of us who dedicate ourselves to protect and defend animals.’

Police rescued the animals, which are awaiting adoption in a new centre.

Police commander Joser Correa said: ‘We found 50 animals in a deplorable state.’

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