Dog Found Wrapped In A Garbage Bag – Against All Odds A Miracle Happened!

We often hear about cases where people abandon dogs, sometimes even outside the shelter, but to put a dog in a plastic bag is completely cowardly an inhuman, but even against the odds a miracle happened!

The authorities and the animal shelter are searching for the person or persons who have done this criminal act.

They dumped a poorly and injured animal; a dog, in a garbage bad, on the side of the road, perhaps they were actually so embarrassed they threw the dog from the car and sped away!

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) officers said that the Shih Tzu mix was found on the Midlothian Turnpike, they took it into the shelter late Thursday evening.

Peters, from the RACC, said:“[The citizens] showed up here with a dog that had been found in a garbage bag that was still in the garbage bag in their car”

Pretty much all the dog’s skin was infected and both her eyes were too, she was in a really poor shape, and the shelter estimated to be five years old.

She had really poor teeth and she was so sad inside the shelter will now care for her and get her back on her feet again, they started by calling her a beautiful name, Annabelle.

Peters said:

“She has been treated terribly in the past. Obviously, no one has cared for her in a very long time …This neglect has been months and months and months in the making.”

He also said that she was very much indeed to still be alive, most dogs that are found in bags are already passed over the rainbow bridge, it really was a miracle.

Annabelle is truly adorable, she is playful and quite sweet, even though she is a little bedraggled, her true personality still shines through.

The RACC posted on Facebook:

“Her little body is crawling with infection and needs an immediate medical intervention …We just can’t believe she is still alive.”

The authorities and officials are actively looking for anyone that recognizes the dog to come forward, they also said:

“Please share this picture far and wide in an effort to uncover something that might lead to finding the person(s) responsible for this heinous crime”

We are so happy that this little miracle survived and will not only get the medical care she needs but will also get the chance to find a forever family and live a happy loved life!

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