Dog Who Cried When Owners Abandoned Him Wants Out of His Cage

Dog Who Cried When Owners Abandoned Him Wants Out of His Cage – When Puffy’s family drove away, he stared out the window until they disappeared.

After five years, his humans decided they didn’t want him anymore, and so they dropped him off at an animal rescue and never looked back.

Puffy didn’t budge from that window; he peered out, and he cried. Suzanne Levin Kaplan, Founder of Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue, met Puffy five years ago at a crowded shelter; she saved his life and took him in as a foster the very day he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Puffy was later adopted, but Suzanne never forgot him.

She’s worked with countless dogs, but Puffy was special: “Puffy is the one that got away.”

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This winter, Suzanne got a phone call. The children in Puffy’s family had gone to college, and the mom no longer wanted to care for him.

She hasn’t contacted Suzanne or asked about the dog since the day she left. If she had, maybe she’d know Puffy isn’t doing well.

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Since he doesn’t have a home, Puffy’s been bounced around from foster to boarding.

The lack of stability has taken a tremendous toll on him; when he’s put in a cage or a crate, he bangs his head against the bars until the skin is cut and bruised.

He’s trying to get out to see his people, at any cost.

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Puffy‘s greatest hope in life is to spend his days with someone to keep him company.

He can literally sit for hours with his head just resting softly in a person’s lap.

When Puffy was returned, Suzanne wasn’t sure if he’d remember her after five years without seeing one another, but he recognized his old friend instantly and showered her with affection.

Once Puffy knows someone, he never forgets them.

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This special dog understands that love is forever, even though his former family forgot.

Recently, Suzanne logged onto Facebook and saw Puffy’s previous owner pop up in her newsfeed. She had bought a new dog, this time a small, fluffy white one.

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Of course, Puffy doesn’t know this. What he does know is that even though he’s suddenly alone and afraid, he still loves people.

He knows there’s someone waiting for him. They just haven’t found him yet.

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Puffy would prefer to be in a home without cats; though he generally likes female dogs, he can be selective when it comes to males, so a meet-and-greet would likely be required.

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