Dog Waits Alone With Note Around His Neck, People Cried When They Read It!

Now and again, there is a story about a dog owner who is irresponsible and leaves their dog in a public place, with only a note prominently attached to the poor dog, asking for anyone to look after him!

It really is a wonder that people can do this to their faithful companions, or even how they get any sleep at night after they have done it!

BUT… happily, this is not one of those sorts of stories, although there is one striking similarity… The beautiful dog, on his own, has a note around his neck, and everyone who reads it wants to take the gorgeous golden retriever home with them.

At a first look the Target store customers, in southwest Pennsylvania, made it obvious that they initially thought that this was another abandoned doggie!

The very friendly dog was sat patiently on the sidewalk with the note around his neck for all to see…

Once people had approached the retriever and got a bit close to the note to read it, then it became completely clear that the dag was loved and well looked after.

“Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.”

Steve Moore, from Altoona, had adopted Jackson, the three year old dog from a shelter, after which he spent over a month diligently training him to ignore distractions!

For any dog that is a feat of training and it meant lots of tasty treats and journeys to extremely busy places where he would be able to practice and learn to sit quietly and hone his impulses perfectly.

Even though the sweet golden retriever is adored by all the people that come over to him he still patiently and determinedly waits for his dad to return to him after he has finished his errands, that’s a doggie that knows how to stay put!

Steve said:

“Everybody wants to take him home. I just find that amazing because four weeks ago, nobody wanted him”

You just won’t believe how this dog has mastered his skill he learned and how he poes for everyone with his note, wonderful!

It just goes to show what you can teach your four-pawed friend, share if you agree how adorable he is…

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