Dog Waiting By The Garage Door For Owners, But They Never Come Back!

We look many times at stories of abandonment, but perhaps we should also consider too what a dog feels like, to just be thrown out into nowhere by the people that the doggie thought to love him or her. This is just what this doggie had to contend with…

This doggie, called Raisin woke up one morning with a family, but later that very same day was going to sleep on his own without his family under the bitterness and cold of the open night sky, hungry and sad!

Raisin is an eleven-pound Schnauzer mix, he sat patiently outside the garage door, waiting for his family to return for him, not knowing what was going on.

He waited days after day, night after night, maybe even wondering what he did wrong, thankfully the neighbor saw him there and fed him, then contacted Rescue Dogs Rock who came to help!

His owners had decided that, for whatever reason, they didn’t want him as part of the family anymore, but instead of doing a decent thing and taking him to a safe animal rescue center, they just left him!

Without so much as a goodbye or even to call someone to help him, they moved and just left him there to fend for himself and be alone and in pain, wondering what was going on and pining for his owners.

Thankfully though there is a really happy end to this story, Raisin ended up in the care of Rescue Dogs Rock and there, once completely checked over and found to be healthy he was cared for and loved.

Even better he has been adopted and will now have the loving family that he really deserves, and a forever home where he can settle and be happy.

Sadly there are too many stories just like this of doggies just like Raisin that are abandoned and left to be homeless and alone.

The rescue organizations are really doing there best to help the situation, but most of all the key to this situation is to find these doggies good homes and educate people about how not to abandon their pets!

Responsibility is the key here, if more people had the responsibility and love for their doggies then the situation would certainly be much improved.

If you can help and adopt a dog then that too could have a huge impact on another doggie who can have a second chance at life, adopt don’t shop!

What do you think ?