Dog Treks 4 Miles To Town Every Day For 12 Years Just To Visit His Friends !!!

Longville, MN, is a small town. In fact, they only have a population of just under 200.

While the winters can be cold and the summers can be beautiful, the residents of Longville can count on one thing every single day: Bruno the dog will come walking into town.

Though Bruno resides outside of Longville with his owners Debbie and Larry LaVallee, each day he makes the four-mile commute into town all by himself.

For those unfamiliar with Bruno and his daily routine, it might be a surprising sight to see a dog walking along a highway alone.

But Bruno’s owners and the residents of Longville are quite used to this incredible, loving pup making the journey — after all, he’s been doing it for about 12 years!

Scroll through below for a look at this one of a kind dog that just can’t seem to get enough of his friends in town.


The town of Longville might be on the smaller side, but each day. Their population gets bigger by precisely one — when Bruno the dog comes to visit.


Every day for the past 12 years, Bruno has set out on his own from his home toward town. The sight of him walking along the highway and then walking around town is now an expected and welcome one for residents.


Bruno’s owners, Debbie and Larry LaVallee, didn’t acquire him in the traditional way.  Years ago, someone brought Bruno to their door saying that he had been found at the end of their driveway. Since he didn’t have any other home, the family decided to adopt him.


But the LaVallees soon learned that Bruno would not stay tied to one place. He was a dog that felt the need to roam free.


So each day, Bruno arrives in Longville.  He generally starts with a trip to the deli (where he gets a snack). And often stops by the local ice cream parlor and even the gas station.

Resident Sharon Rouse told KARE 11 News: “It’s just been his routine as far back as I know. “Everybody knows Bruno. You may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno.”


He has now achieved celebrity status among the residents.  His owner recalls, “We’ve had him in the truck going through town and people are like, ‘BRUNO! There’s Bruno!’”


But at the end of the long day, this incredible dog says goodbye to his friends in town and makes the four-mile trek back home, knowing he’ll return again tomorrow.

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