Dog Left To Drown, Trapped In A Cage, Against A Rising Tide On A Beach.

Some people are callous, but there are some that are really much more than that, in fact, they are truly cruel, will there ever be justice against people like this?

This poor dog was not simply left somewhere, he was blatantly left in a death trap, a cage in a river…

The news reports that the male dog, only 1-year-old, is a pit bull breed of dog and was put on the edge of the beach where the rising tides would drown him.

The terrible thoughts that could drive a person to do this are truly despicable, there are just no other words to describe how awful it is.

Before the waters could rise and put an end to this poor dog, he was spotted by another dog walker, the dog in the cage by this stage was panicking and desperately looking how to escape.

This good Samaritan went over a wall to reach the dog in the cage, he brought it to safety away from the water’s edge.

Authorities are investigating what happened there, they are searching for anything that could help identify the offender of this horrible incident.

Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office wrote on Facebook:

“The dog was taken to Highlands Police Department, who then called Animal Control then alerted our office. When Animal Control arrived on the scene the cage almost covered by the rising tide.”

“If not for the heroic rescue act of the Good Samaritan, the dog could have potentially drowned”

The dog has been named, quite appropriately, River, is now being cared for by the Monmouth County SPCA.

River while quite scared by the incident is physically well and healthy, River does not have a microchip so his owner is not known.

It looked like he was pretty well cared for before he had been abandoned there that day, and it remains a mystery exactly what happened…

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