Dangerously Entangled In The Fence, Chain Wrapped Around Her, Finally Finds Out The Meaning Of Love!

Dogs are truly a gift to us, they are amazing and lovely, and just as much as they are lovely they equally can end up in the most bizarre and unusual predicaments that you will probably ever see, in this story, we see one such wonderfully bizarre predicaments!

Riverbend Humane Society is proudly a ‘No-Kill’ shelter and cares about all the dogs they rescue deeply, they are based in Jerseyville, Illinois.

They recently had a really interesting but urgent case, the team announced it on their facebook page and promptly closed the shelter for the day to be able to help urgently!

They set out after they closed the shelter super fast, they really needed to get the situation under control fast for the sake of the doggie…

This doggie was really in a particularly difficult and bizarre situation, as they arrived on the scene they could see that, in fact, the doggie was quite dangerously entangled in the fence, it could have very serious repercussions if they didn’t intervene quickly!


As they got closer they could see that there was a chain wrapped around her, she was trapped in a completely unnatural position, it must have been so incredibly painful for her, the poor girl!

She was so twisted and mangled in the chain, and it was so tight that she could move at all, she was completely trapped, no wiggle room at all!


They very carefully untangled her, being as careful as they could, once she was safe and untangled they gave her lots of love and cuddles.

Her leg looked really hurt and painful, she will heal in time and the rescuers got to her before it because even more serious.


The poor girl was completely starving, she really had not eaten in quite some time, she needed lots of love and lots of dog food to help her heal and gain her energy.

She was so excited to have been rescued and her tail was wagging constantly for the rescuers, she hardly seemed to be able to contain herself, how sweet.


She was named Belle, a beautiful name we think, and she is getting all the care and attention and love the shelter can give her. And she will be nursed back to health and her leg looked after too.

Then as she continues to recover her search for a new hole will start, we think this sweet dog should have no problem finding a home, we hope she finds an awesome home quickly!

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