Dog Trainer Has An Awful Secret About The Dog She Says Is Lost

This is one of those stories that really makes us cringe, the woman charged concealed the dead body of Jerod Mayo’s dog, Knox, and its said that she admits to lying many times in the weeks following the dogs passing.

She is 41 years old and now is firmly seated in the justice system, faces charges of obstruction and filing a false police report.

She hid the dog’s body and told the authorities that she lost the dog in Wrentham, the web of her lies seemed never-ending.

Amelia Ferreira, as well as facing charges is the complete picture of what we imagine to be the worse kind of person we could ever not want to know or even meet for the briefest of moments.

Amelia Ferreira said in a letter to the media: – “Having had the time to think about everything with a clear head, I realize how much of a coward I am for not being honest”

For some unknown reason, she actually declined to be interviewed in person or even over the phone.

She said in her letter that she kept the real truth about Knox a secret, even from other family members, even her mom, who she said is sick and disabled.

She also said she wanted to make a public statement to say that her mom and nieces really don’t deserve to be punished for her actions.

Jerod Mayo’s whole family started a social media campaign to search for their loved 5-year-old Bulldog called Knox in late June.

In her letter, Amelia said that the day began like any other day and the dogs that she was training with her personal pets were resting in the kennels.

At that point she left her Cranston home, then she returned around four hours later, she then said she brought Knox his dinner, but the dog seemed to be asleep.

She wrote:

“When I didn’t receive my typical greeting I became concerned …It wasn’t until I removed him from the crate that I realized he wasn’t breathing.”

Ferreira goes on to say:

“I sat there on the floor, holding Knox in my lap, crying for what seemed like hours. I was scared to death and had no clue what to do. Not only had I never experienced a situation like this, it certainly wasn’t something that Off-Leash K9 prepared me for.”

In her letter, Amelia doesn’t say what she did next but mentions nothing about seeking medical treatment for the dog.

The Rhode Island SPCA and Cranston Police say that she put the dog’s body into a trash bag, the following day, then left the trash bag in her backyard.

The RISPCA said the dog was really badly decomposed and rotting when they found his body, what an awful and terrible way to find the dog.

At the end of her letter, Amelia then writes:

“I will never be able to apologize enough to make things right but I hope that maybe one day they are able to forgive me.”

“Working with dogs and their people was the best thing I’ve ever done,” she said. “I was truly happy to work every day not only with the dogs but also with their humans. Many of whom I would consider a friend.”

But regardless of her seemingly empty words, we know what we think about it, and we bet that you do too, we hope the law will do it’s best to give justice for the dog and owners alike.

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