Dog with tragic history knew love before passing away

After a tragic past, abused dog finds the loving home that he deserved.

An elderly dog, with a tragic history, was fortunate enough to know true love before finally succumbing to old age on July 21.

Before being adopted, Tivi spent years at the Humane Society of the Ochocos in Prineville, Oregon – staff at the shelter cared for him while he waited for an exceptionally special home.

Tivi required a unique home because his tragic past resulted in special needs – before being taken in at the animal shelter in 2008, someone had doused Tivi with gasoline and thrown him from a car.

When Tivi was found, his body was badly burned and his muzzle was tied closed. Being hurled from a car had also left Tivi with a broken hip and a damaged shoulder.

Tivi was nursed back to health, but his body would never be quite the same. Because of the burns, Tivi’s skin was fragile – so fragile that the shelter needed to find him a home without other dogs because playtime, and an unintentional scratch, could be devastating.

Tivi’s broken bones required a one-level home – a place where he would not have to maneuver stairs (which would likely hurt his hips).

Though the challenges of finding “the perfect” home were sizable, Tivi had his own team of dog-loving angels who wanted to help him find his ideal living situation.

After social media networking and various media outlets covering Tivi’s plight – the “one” was found. Tivi’s “one” turned out to be a man named Jon Elwig.

Elwig had heard about Tivi’s tragic past and he was moved to give him the home that the formerly abused dog so greatly deserved. For many years, under the loving care of Jon and his wife Jennifer, Tivi finally got to enjoy all of the things that he was denied in his past – unconditional love topping the list.

Recently, the senior dog experienced several health challenges – for awhile, he was able to push through the issues, but days ago, time took its ultimate toll. Followers of Tivi’s Facebook page learned of the beloved dog’s passing on July 21:

I’m heartbroken to share that our sweet Tivi went to heaven tonight. He was ready to go and told us so this morning. We are too sad right now to write the proper tribute that he deserves, we will in time… for now we just wanted to let our Tivi family know.

Tivi’s many fans have been posting words of comfort and sorrow to the much-adored dog’s loving parents on the Tivi’s Home Facebook page.

Rest easy sweet Tivi – you were loved.

(Images via Tivi’s Home and YouTube screenshot)

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