Dog Tied To Truck Desperately Running For His Life Until Volunteer Intervenes!

Of all the stories we hear of this is definitely one of the most unusual for sure, and for the volunteers with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona too….

The volunteers are usually not supposed to have their lights and sirens blaring, but when one of the volunteers amazingly spotted something strange everyone was happy they did.

They saw a truck pull out of the gas station, and the actions he took saved that dog’s life, what an amazing keen observation he exercised that day!

There is no doubt at all that he saved that dog’s life, considering their normal tasks which include prisoner transport, traffic control, and security etc…

You can see in the video below that the dashcam captures the footage which shows the volunteer following the truck with the dog tied to the back of it, desperately trying to keep up.

If the bod rig had gained any more speed before the volunteer stopped him, the poor dog would have been in a serious mess!

Another security camera video also shows that form a distance, you can see the driver walk to the back of the truck and unleash the dog.

The Sheriff’s Department said:

“A very grateful owner retrieved his pet and expressed deep appreciation for the VIP’s efforts …The driver was simply distracted and headed towards the interstate forgetting to unleash his dog. No charges are being sought.”

“Thanks to the work these dedicated volunteers do day in and day out and for the actions of this VIP to save this dog.”

The Sheriff’s Department also said that in this instance the use of lights and siren was very justified in saving this dog’s life.

This dog’s life was saved, but there have been other cases where dogs have been dragged by a vehicle and have sadly died…

That case where a dog was dragged the driver was charged with animal cruelty, so sad and awful for the poor dog too…

The police said the driver:

…“became emotional and explained his friend must have secured the dog on the chain behind his truck while they were working at another location, but the friend didn’t inform the driver of what he had done.”

Thank goodness this volunteer had such quick actions to save this dog, thank you!

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