Dog Found Tied To A Tree With A Goodbye Note Attached To Him

In life it’s not always certain how things will go and for some people these times of uncertainty test our character, for this doggie though, unfortunately, things didn’t go so well and he was tied to a tree with a note…

Zeus abandoned under the guise of kindness, he had a note attached to his collar and he was tied to a tree along with a bag of food…

The note read:“My name is Zeus …I am a very good dog. My owner just can’t afford me anymore. She tried to find me a home but nobody would take me”

Surely anyone who loves a dog like this, even if they can’t afford them would find the courage to either take them to an animal shelter or ask anyone they know if they are looking to adopt a dog.

Prince George County Animal Shelter took him and cared for him, but not for long because someone really wanted to take him home after their appeal for him to be adopted.


The shelter wrote that:

“Zeus was completely failed by his last owner… Can you be Zeus’ forever family?”

The dog’s owner said in the note that they felt that there really was no other way they could find, and they just can’t afford to keep him, so she tied him to the tree with the note…


She wrote:

She had “no other options”, that she hated “to do this but I just can not afford him anymore.”

The shelter shared some awesome news that the 2-year-old Husky/Labrador Retriever mix was adopted on Feb. 13 how amazing and fast!

Perhaps it was meant to be that Zeus found his ‘Fairy Tale’ home; because his new owner really does love him dearly. Finally, he has his forever home to be loved and lives happily ever after.

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