Dog Tied Up In Scorching Heat Of Afternoon, While Owner In Shop

We see many good and many awful stories, but this story really takes the cake, we hope it will make more people aware of these if they are not already and make they more careful, as well as bring justice for dogs!

Andrew Beattie an animal care student said he recorded the temperature of the pavement that day and it was more than 122 degrees (50C), he says the dog he saw, was clearly in distress.

There was a doggie at the center of this, the poor dog was tied to a lamppost, during the hottest part of the day, the dog was panting and waiting for his owner to return.

The man has gone into the shop that was just across the way, the dog had no water and was spotted by an animal care student called Andrew, he could see the dog was in distress.

The dog was tied up and the dog’s condition made him worried for the health of the animal as the dog was on hot pavement, in the direct sun, and had no water!

He said:

“I instantly thought about how hot it is and was worried that the dog was panting heavily in the sun …I was pretty hot myself, but the dog showed signs of being even hotter by the way he was panting.”

“I regularly take my temperature gun out with me to check the pavement before walking my own dog …I recorded the temperature as over 50 degrees.”

“I went into the nearby post office and asked whose dog it was that had been left in the sun …A man then told me to ‘f**k off’ and then accused me of trying to steal his dog.”

“He even told me to ‘leave his beast alone’.”

Someone also said:

“I wouldn’t expect anyone to walk on a hot pavement with bare feet so why should a dog?”

As a volunteer with Cats Protection at the time he noticed the dog in a very bad situation straight away, he decided to stay with the dog until the owner came out.

He said that:

“I thought the situation was disgusting.”

“The dog was tied up to a lamppost in the midday heat …How could someone leave a defenseless animal, who can’t speak, for itself tied to a lamppost in the midday sun?”

Andrew really wants to raise awareness about these kinds of situations, and how heat waves can seriously cause problems with our pets if we are not very aware of their needs in the heat!

He said:

“Owners need to know what their pets can withstand in regards to the sun …It seems as there’s a lot of people disregarding the animal welfare act and we have a duty of care to help any animal in any need.”

A dog can burn their paws in a matter of just a couple of minutes, we all need to be so careful to care for our four-legged friends.

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