Sad Dog With A Tearful Note Attached To Her Collar Found Abandoned

An abandoned doggie is a very sad thing, but even sadder is a doggie that has been abandoned with a note, these are the cases that really pull on our heartstrings.

Sasha, an 8-year-old dog was found tied to a lamp post close to a medical complex in a place called Clayton, in North Carolina, not too long ago…

This poor girl had a note tucked under her collar, for the person who abandoned her there, the note asked that he gives to a “loving home”.

The note did not say why Sasha was left though, but it did say the things that made her such a great dog:

He enjoys head pets, gets along with children and “absolutely loves steaks.”

A sweet doggie like Sasha wasn’t tied to the lamppost for very long at all, and a lovely lady called Joy Frannicola is looking after her, she said that the medical complex contacted her about the lonely sweet girl…

Joy founded the Ruf Creek Ranch Animal Rescue, which is an animal rescue and adoption center based from Smithfield, in North Carolina.

When she heard about Sasha, this little doggie had already been scooped up by the Johnston County Animal Services and on a compulsory 72-hour stray hold, as their procedure dictates.

Joy is really experienced in these matters and spoke to the supervisor Graham Price, together they assessed Sasha’s health and temperament too.

Joy said:

“He was underweight, somewhat lethargic and had hair loss from what we found was a flea allergy”

It was very evident to anyone that looked to see the that little doggie is completely sad, she is a sensitive little soul!

But the sadness soon turned into joy, thanks to Joy, a lovely lady, and Graham too, with a little help from the Willowrun Veterinary Hospital.

Sasha’s hair is now growing back and she has been wormed and has her vaccinations too, she is well on the way to recovery!

Next on the list is a forever home, and then she will not only be complete, but she will also complete a family too!

Joy said:

“He has not been adopted yet. Because of his history (as we know it), we are looking for a specific type of home for him. He gets along with other dogs, but we would rather he be placed in a situation where he can have a one-on-one relationship with his human, and not have to share affection”

Also, Sasha has recently moved in with his foster mom, called Lorna, she really hopes to be this doggies “furever” mommy!

“He is curious about his new surroundings, very eager to please. He loves to go on walks and have his head and ears rubbed. He is affectionate and wants to be near his human.”

“He would be the perfect companion for an older person or couple. Very low maintenance”

No one really knows still why she was left exactly and we will probably never ever know why, but in the end, the most important part is the amazing end result, thanks to these truly great people involved with Sasha and her care.

Joy said:

“I cannot begin to think of the reasons his family abandoned him, but the fact that he was left with the note shows that they did care for him and wanted the best for him.”

“The economy here in North Carolina is not good. People are surrendering their pets to county shelters in record numbers”

“Most of the shelters are posting that they are full, and if pets are owner-surrendered, they will most likely be euthanized because of space issues. I am hoping that he was left like he was because they knew the possibility of him being euthanized if surrendered to a shelter.”

There are quite a few pet owners that seem to end up in a difficult position in having a dog then being unable to afford the things they need to care for them and feed them even, and maybe this was one of those sad cases…

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