Dog teaches adorable puppy how to use doggy door

Sometimes for a puppy this small, life can get a little “ruff.”

This sweet puppy hasn’t quite figured out the doggy door yet and is pawing at the window to get inside. He cries and squeals as he presses his paws against the window, hoping to break through.

Suddenly, a large black dog exits through the doggy door and greets the puppy with a loud bark. He then turns around and walks back into the house through the same doggy door, hoping the little guy would catch the drift.

When he sees the puppy pressed up against the window once more, he runs outside again. He hopes that the puppy’s eyes will follow him as he walks back inside through the doggy door for the second time.


Once he’s back inside, the two of them stare at each other through the window. The big dog realizes that his little puppy friend isn’t going to get through the doggy door without some help.

He returns outside and nudges the small pet toward the doggy door and he finally understands what to do — but it isn’t an easy task for such a tiny fellow.

Their exchange is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while. I love how patient the bigger dog is with the little guy, and how the adorable mentor talks him through it! We all can use encouragement like this from time to time, especially when learning something new.

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