Dog doesn’t want to leave his owner when he’s surrendered to a animal shelter!


A 7-year-old dog known as Shadow was surrendered by his family to a California animal shelter. Reason?

The Facebook post shared by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs said “My former family who owned me had to give me up because they had trouble containing me.”

I am unable to even comprehend the sorrow and hopelessness a dog must experience when he is being thrown out or given up by the people he recognized as family.

But what broke our hearts was Shadows reaction when he was being surrendered. Shadow tried to cling to his owner; he didn’t want him to leave.

And, no matter how much Shadow attempted to hang on to his owner, he was left behind there at that animal shelter, joining the rest of the dogs who are searching for caring, loving forever families.

animal shelter

Shadow is quite playful and adores children as well as other dogs, based on his previous owners.

He was scared and needed a forever home, and thankfully he got his wish shortly after. Here’s to Shadow getting the permanent love he deserves!

Not every dog adjust to his new home. Some dogs are effected by being abandoned by his original family. For some it will never be the same for them.

Humans can forget change their lives and move on but not so easy for some dogs, they have more feelings and emotions then humans.

In the video below you will see just how scared and confused Shadow was at that moment. Watch the video here:


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