Dog was stolen 2 years ago and put into cockfighting ring – then owner sees pic on news!

Dog lovers, this story will break your heart then put it back together again…so buckle up for the ride! Imagine having your fur baby, your best friend, stolen from you.

Suddenly your sweet little family member is out in the world with no one to keep them safe, with no one to give them belly rubs and treats. That’s exactly what happened to the family you’re about to meet.

April says she never expected to see her beloved brown pitbull, Nina, again, after she was stolen about two years ago.

April and her family walked miles and miles trying to find their sweet girl. They even offered a reward for her return, but nothing turned up.

So imagine her surprise when, just a few days ago, April saw a photo of an emaciated, clearly abused dog who had just been rescued from a cockfight ring.


April says she immediately knew that was her pup. After contacting the shelter where Nina was staying, a reunion was quickly arranged.

In addition to tears and excitement about getting her beloved dog back, April also had another pleasant surprise. Nina had recently given birth to ten puppies! So incredible.


How sweet is that!? Absolutely brings tears to my eyes. It’s so amazing to see a dog who has clearly been through so much be given a second chance at a happy life with her loving family.

Hear more about this amazing story in the video below:

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