Dog Steals A GoPro Then Makes Crazy Run For It, Still Going Viral #Zoomies

As dog owners we well know the fun it is to have a dog, from the love to the faithful, to the completely mischievous antics our dogs can get up to, just like this doggie here…

This doggie, called Bonnie, really has become a sensation on the internet after her owner posted her firstly on Instagram then a user ‘carmenlightning’ posted the video on Reddit.

Bonnie steals the frisbee with the camera attached to it, but come on guys, who wouldn’t steal a frisbee and have a good run with it?

The hilarious footage shows Bonnie have the time of her life, playing chase and showing off to everyone around her.

Bonnie runs from the other dogs, and her owner of course in a high spirited, and to be quite frank, incredibly cute and funny chase around the whole place!

Bonnie shows off her skills as a filmmaker, she chronicles her twists and turns, she even stops as if to stay you can’t catch me, then sets off again in a heartbeat…

Seeing this wonderful video, from a dog’s perspective is quite wonderful, we think you’ll agree, it’s quite adorable too!

Bonnie makes her way around the estate with her precious frisbee that she snook away with, feeling the wind behind her tail…

This lovely video has been viewed around 9 million times, just see for yourself, and if you agree then SHARE it with your friends and family too!

Watch the video below:

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