Dog stays in the spot where his beloved owner was hit by a truck!

Neighbors saw a dog lying in the middle of the road for hours. Was he lost? Why was the dog wearing a red bandana lying there with a heartbroken look on his face?

Turns out, he was mourning. WJAX reporter Russell Colburn was reporting an incident.

A Woman had been hit by a semi-truck and dragged into the street. Long after her body was removed by emergency responders. this dog mysteriously stayed in the same spot where the woman had died.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened before. Ella the dog stayed at the scene of her family’s car accident for 13 days until she was reunited with them.

After more digging, Colburn discovered that the woman. Kelly Black, had been walking her dog, Paco at the time of the accident.

Paco, who was uninjured, remained where she had been hit for hours until other family members had arrived.

See the bittersweet story about one dog’s devotion below.


When reporter Russell Colborn arrived on the scene of a tragic car accident, he didn’t expect to see this…


A 42-year-old woman named Kelly Black was hit and dragged by a semi-truck backing out of a gas station while she was walking her dog.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reports that the driver may have been unaware they hit the woman and, thus, continued to drive away.

“Sad. Neighbors believe woman was walking her dog. This one has been lying down, alone near crash scene for some time,” Colborn said of the dog seen lying in the road for hours.


Kelly’s family says she and the dog, Paco, were inseparable. Long after Kelly was removed by emergency responders, Paco remained in that same spot for hours.

“Paco is not too happy, and Sammy is not either, because she’s not there with them right now,” Kelly’s mother, Pat Johnson.

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Finally, when Kelly’s family came, Paco got up and began to wag his tail. See the touching footage below.

While the authorities are still investigating Kelly’s tragic death. It’s still comforting to know that there is no bond greater than the one between human and man’s best friend.

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