This Dog Was Starved And Then Thrown From A Car, Now She Wags Her Tail Every Day


It never ceases to amaze us the wonderful and awful things that human beings can do.

This is Violet. Violet is an English Mastiff and as pictured here, she weighed less than one-third the weight that she should for her age.

Violet was hurled out of a moving car just like people throw trash away. She is very lucky indeed to have survived her ordeal. Many dogs wouldn’t have. In fact, many people might not have survived what happened to Violet.

It’s important that you be aware that some of the images that follow are of a distressing nature. 

Violet is from Clinton, Maryland, or at least that’s where she was found after being ejected from that moving vehicle. She was exceptionally lucky that one of the cars behind was being driven by a Good Samaritan.

They saw Violet’s plight and came rushing to her rescue.

Violet’s first stop was the Prince George’s County Animal Control. There she was rescued from her fate by Mutts Matter Rescue.

One of their volunteers, Debbie Gretz, took on Violet’s care because she had had such a good track record with starved animals in the past.

Violet weighed just 60 lbs when Debbie took her in, and she needed to gain at least 80-90lbs to become healthy.

Debbie fed her small meals several times a day. She says,  “When I sat on the sofa to talk to her, she walked over to me and put her head in my lap I thought I would just melt. She is just so sweet even after being treated so terribly.”

Now, several months after Violet was rescued, she weighs 138lb and is the perfect picture of canine health. Here she is on a beach after taking a walk with Debbie.

What do you think of Violet’s story? Is there anyone you know that might be happy to hear about it?


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