Dog Starved And Abandoned In An Apartment, A Real Tragedy – Owners are facing Animal Cruelty Charges!

Sometimes no matter how much effort you put into a rescue there is always that one time that you either can’t do enough or it’s already too late, this is one of those sad cases everyone wishes they were there sooner somehow…

The police arrived, but by the time they did, it was just a little too late already, the dag sadly died in the apartment there.

The Police think that the Pit Bull mixed with Labrador Dog had been eating a foam mattress, he was desperately trying to stay alive, he was starving hungry and he had to try something to live…

It’s so sad to think that for just a little bit of time that this doggie could have still been with us here today, it was so close!

The neighbor called the police about his concerns on the March 7, the Police and health inspectors found Rosco’s skull split with a sharp implement


The dog seemed to have been dead for about, between 24 and 48 hours according to the Police inspector involved in the case.

The dog’s Owners, Kevin Cosgrove, 26, and Brittany Weston, 24, are now looking at charges of ‘aggravated cruelty to animals’.

Neither of the dog’s owners was available to make a comment, however, the police say that the dog had drowned when the apartment flooded, but it was reported that there was no such flood!

The couple will be due in court on the 23 April, in the Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans.

Maybe we will never get the truth, but at least the poor doggie will get some justice if nothing else, we hope he rests in peace at the end of the rainbow.

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