Dog Shows Ultimate Loyalty and Helps Rescuers To Save This Lost Little Girl!

We humans quite often rescue dogs in need and we talk about this quite a lot, but there are also times that dogs also rescue us, humans, too, this is just what we are going to see in this lovely story…

Last week the 3-year-old Remy Merritt had gone missing in Qulin, Missouri, and her dog was missing that was with her too.

According to the news the girls along with her Yorkshire terrier were thought to be missing from Thursday night, it was about 8:30 pm.

Very quickly a huge amount of volunteers, about 150 people, turned up to help look for the girl and her dog, the Missouri State Highway Patrol was conducting the search.

Clark Parrott, a sergeant with the MSHP, told the news that the patrol had tasked a helicopter to use their infrared radar system to scan the farm area all around the Merritt’s home to try to find the girl.

Sadly though the search turned up nothing at all, so the locals that were there with law enforcement had a break to refocus themselves and started the search again.

The used a grid pattern to do a complete and thorough search, they were carefully working their way through the farms cornfields, there were five-foot-high stalks so it was challenging!

Also engaged in the search too were dogs to try to catch the scent of something that would lead them to the little girl…

After about another three hours there was a bark, one of the rescue dogs barked, and got a reply, a fainter bark back, it was the little girl’s dog, he had stayed with her in the fields all night long to care for her.

This bark then led the teams to her, she was thankfully unharmed and apart from being a little dehydrated and being bitten by mosquitoes, she was ok.

They were very relieved when the teams found the little girls, but also a little worried too, the family said to the news that watching the dogs talk to each other was a “neat little moment!”

The little girl and her doggie were taken back home but this little doggie really had earned a privileged place among the family, like most doggies he was completely loyal!

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