Dog Shot While Police Officer Chases Guy For Traffic Violations

We believe that is firmly down to the owners and not the fault of the dog when a dog has problems, but when we see a dog being shot we are even more sad, especially when there is no good reason for it!

A Police officer from Fayetteville was the one who shot the dog in its yard on a Thursday morning, while they were chasing a man wanted for outstanding warrants for traffic charges.

The doggie, in this case, was a pit bull called Payton and he was on a lead, he is thankfully expected to survive it though…

Nick Mounts, the police chief, said to the news reporters that the police officer concerned saw a suspect enter a yard and followed him in.

The officer went into the yard and was met with an aggressive dog that attempted to bite him but come to think about it, we might be a little tempted to bit someone if then invaded out space too!

Nick said:

“From an officer’s standpoint, he’s looking for a wanted suspect. He’s not looking for if a dog is attached to a tree; he’s looking for if the suspect is armed”

The person being chased was known to visit that residence regularly according to Nick Mounts, and he emphasized he had multiple outstanding warrants for failure to appear.

Nick said about the traffic warrants:

“It doesn’t matter what you’re wanted for … he’s still a wanted person”

Amber Adams is the owner if the dog and she said that she heard the noise of the gunshot but thought that is was an explosion from a burn pit or something like that.

Amber also said that the officer who shot her dog has actually been at her address before, and even with the dog inside too.

Amber said:

“She barks sometimes … or growls; she’s never bit anybody”

Amber has children she has five kids at the home and also said that Payton is often inside and also around the family, no problem.

She told the story of what happened and said that a child was in the backyard when the dog was shot that day.

A photo is going around Facebook showing the pit bull injured, a wound to his snout.

Amber also said that her mother took Payton to the Freeburg Animal Clinic and hopes that the dog will be able to come home quite fast. She said the initial bill from the vet without meds is $500.

Police found during their investigation that the dog was attached to a lead line, it was this lead line that extended into where the officer came through the yard.

Amber said that the dog likes to lay in the sun when on the lead, she said:

“I was joking, maybe (the officer) interrupted her sunbathing”

Police found the person they were searching for, Hock, at the property with the permission of the owner to search for him, they also said its not clear if he knew the residents there.

What do you think ?