Dog Shot After Being ‘Mistaken For Fox’

A dog was shot dead by a man who said he “mistook her for a fox”, the owner has said.

Dom Brown said his brother was walking his dog Ruby near his home in Sherwood Drive, Crich, Derbyshire, on Wednesday.

He said “a young lad” with a shotgun and a black labrador “shot her dead”, claiming he mistook the dog for a fox.

The 18-month-old dog was taken to a vet but died later. Derbyshire Police said they were investigating but no arrests had been made.

The force said it was alerted at 20:25 BST.

Mr Brown said Ruby, a golden cocker spaniel, was “just being her usual self, sniffing around in the bushes” before the shooting on a public footpath.

“I’m just genuinely heartbroken someone has taken away my best friend,” he said.

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