Dog shot 17 Times Has Everyone Brought To Their Knees With Tears

A British Television show that airs on weekdays in the morning, showed us a really heartbreaking story about this poor dog, shot 17 times, thankfully now she is happy, but it was awful for this poor dog, rescued from Lebanon, to get there, what a journey…

This doggie, five years old, was discovered in some truly horrific state and awful conditions, tied up to a box, her eyes were shot out, and her eat cut off, her jaw was broken and she was peppered with gunshot wounds.

About six months ago, there was an online campaign for this poor dog to be able to to escape the cruelty of her position there, to finally get a loving home she deserves, and she got it with a dog lover Kasey Carlin, in Brighton in the UK.

This lovely sweet doggie is now getting trained to be a therapy dog, we are just so pleased that she is finally safe!

Now, currently, Maggie the amazing dog, and Kasey too, appeared on the British television morning show, called ‘This Morning’, where viewers were totally left in tears hearing her amazing and emotional story.

25 years old Kasey heard about Maggie’s plight through an animal welfare group called Wild At Heart Foundation, who knew immediately that she wanted to take her home and look after her!

Maggie had some very needed surgery the left Lebanon, six months on and after they sewed up her eyes, to stop even more damage, Maggie was stable enough to come to the UK and meet her new family.

Just Look at these tweets:

One said:

‘How can people be so cruel?’ Another posted: ‘No dog deserves to be treated like that.’

Another said:

“I can’t believe the horrors she’s endured.”

There were many viewers that said about Maggie’s story, that it made them “so sad and so angry” and other commented that they “wanted to cry”.

Kasey said:

“I was in tears when I met her at the airport … I got in touch with some blind rescue dog charities and asked what to do”

“I did not know much about her. Other than that she was abused and that she would be quite afraid.”

“But that was completely wrong. She’s just a love bug. She sees with her heart”

This lovely doggie had not just recovered and survived her wounds, but also learnt to deal with having no sight either, sh really was a “dogfluencer” she has accumulated an impressive 36,400 thousand followers too!

During her training as a therapy dog, she takes visits to the care home and Sussex University, she is just all round awesome!

Training is pretty difficult for Maggie though, she has to work twice as hard as any other doggie just to get up to the same level. Kasey fought back her tears talking about the dog’s therapy job.

Kasey said:

“She gets tired easily mentally, but we’re working slowly …And she goes to a care home and has her favourite”

Kasey said that many people ask her, concerned, if her quality of life is good, and should she be put to sleep, but we can plainly see in the video how Maggies quality of life is now…

Kasey also said that after people met Maggie, they see how she is and see her run and play, their opinions instantly change about her, she really deserves this second chance at life.

Kasey said:

“I’ve never met a dog like Maggie. She’s just brilliant. She’s so energetic and bubbly. She walks off the lead and follows me around.”

“She must have been in agony with all she’s been through, but she never hurt anyone and she’s so loving”

Watch the full and tear jerking, but in the end happy story below:

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