His Owner Said He Was A “Bad Dog” Then Dumped Him At The Shelter – Nearly A Year Later He Could Smell Grass Again!

There is one thing that is sure in this world and that is there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad people and sometimes bad owners, we consider what makes a good owner, but read on to find out about Ginger and her story…

Dogs are quick to follow their owners even if it is bad for them, they are so trusting and faithful, to their own detriment if that’s what it takes to follow us.

As far as sure things go another one is that your dog, as an owner, is a lifetime commitment…

If you’re becoming a first-time owner and you want a dog then you need to think long term, but as an already responsible dog owner, you already know that, or at least should.

They are lovely cute puppies but not for long, they will grow big fast, then start to fill out and bulk up as they mature too.


If you have other pets how well will they get along? All these things are considerations…

‘Allegedly’ Ginger was a bad dog that was the reason they gave when she was dumped at the shelter. Her family said that she didn’t get along with their other dog. and that Ginger was the problem.

Ginger went into a kennel at the rescue, maybe she thought she was having a holiday, or that she just needed to wait for her owners to return…

Poor Ginger was stuck at the shelter for nearly a year, her new home, or so it seemed, was a concrete floor, cold and hard!

Finally, though Ginger was adopted, she can now, at last, be free and have the freedom to run and play in grass fields!


Sadly there is over two and a half million dog who end up being euthanized in a shelter, so sad and such a loss.

If your a potential dog owner think carefully before you make a commitment, and be wise about the future for your doggie.

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