Children Coaxed Cat From Under A Car To Set Their Dog On Him!

We all love our dogs, but also we love and respect other animals too, well some don’t have any respect at all, we feel bad at how awful other ‘humans’ can be…

This footage that was released to the world, it shows youths luring a cat from his safe hiding place under a car, all so they could get their dog to attack him…

The cat, called Sully, we feel so sorry for, and his owner was really completely heartbroken, especially after these two teenage boys were spared jail time!

The two boys can’t be named, but were spared jail, there we said it again, we can’t believe it, crimes like these are a pathway to more serious crimes after all…

Sully’s owner only realized what had actually happened after the had a look at their security camera footage.

The footage has now been since released by the animal protection society called the RSPCA, the two boys, aged 15 and 17 are required to attend a youth offender panel…

At this panel, they are present, their parents/carers and the victim (where appropriate) and usually agree on a contract aimed at repairing the harm that has been caused and addressing the causes of the offending behaviors.

Sully’s owner said:

“We are absolutely heartbroken. Sully was so happy, and was a member of our family. His killing by these cruel people brings shame to Merthyr Tydfil. This was a heinous act.”

The boy released the dog to catch and kill the 13-year-old cat after a short chase, and Sully’s dead body was discovered in the bushes because one of the boys threw his remains away there.

RSPCA Gemma Cooper said:

“The shock and horror I felt when I first witnessed this CCTV footage has remained with me. This was a disturbing, harrowing and deeply sinister attack which would have caused immense suffering to poor Sully.”

“It is frightening to think two children would set out to do something so deliberately cruel. It appears the dog had been trained to kill like this.”

“This was a premeditated attack, seemingly done for the boys’ fun and pleasure, for which the RSPCA had to seek justice. The actions of these individuals has left a family broken and without their beloved pet cat and family member of 13 years.”

It was said that the boys were banned from keeping animals for 10 years and also told to pay around $400 (£300 GBP) in costs each. The dog is also thankfully with the RSPCA until rehome him.

Sully Owner also said, about Sully:

“He was well-known and popular in the local area, always sitting on the path he’d get petted and fussed by people walking along the lane and regular dog walkers all knew him.”

“He’d regularly sneak into a neighboring dental practice, and make friends with patients in the waiting room. Sully was a real character and was loved by all who met him.”

“He was harmless and had never hurt anyone. ‘We all miss him so, so much. It was so strange for Sully to be missing. He’d gone to follow family members to the local park and was out and about as usual, but didn’t come home that day.”

We feel so sad for Sully’s owner and for Sully too, what is the world coming to, we hope that this awful kind of behavior really does get treated much more seriously, maybe by raising awareness we can all help it become reality!

What do you think ?