This Dog Sees Snow For The First Time, You Won’t Believe His Reaction!

That first time your doggie has that new or first experience is both exciting and captivating, that very first new experience for them is almost magical…

This two-year-old chihuahua-dachshund mix, called Yoda, was a street dog before he was adopted and relocated to Phoenix, in Maryland all the way from Dorado, Puerto Rico!

Thank go to the animal rescue charity called “the Love of Satos who made it all possible, hos new owners spotted him on Facebook, on their animal rescue page.

Heather Bauer, 26-years-old, really loved her pooch, they are a perfect match but remember that this doggie great up in 75-degree temperatures, so he hadn’t ever seen snow before…

When he finally saw some snow he really went crazy, he completely dived into the snow, his brother in the meantime, a six-year-old corgi/pit-bull mix, called Cooper, looked at him like he really was crazy!

street dog

Heather worked as a shift manager at Starbucks and she videoed him as he saw snow for the very first time, in Maryland in December 2017 and it was the first of the winter snow!

She said:

“When Yoda was found, he was a street dog in Puerto Rico and I think this had to have been the first time he had ever seen snow.”

“I thought because he came from such a hot climate he’d be wary when I let them out into the snow but he just went crazy.”

“He was so excited. I was throwing snowballs at him and he couldn’t understand why they disappeared when they hit the ground.”

Yoda was one of the lucky pooches flown to the US by the animal rescue group, it was in a huge effort to gain control of the huge stray dog problem in Puerto Rico, who is knee-deep in around 150,000 dogs who need a home.

Heather tells us that her lovely and cute Yoda has fully become fully accustomed to the snow that he adores so much, and all the changes in his life in the US with her.

Heather said:

“Luckily, he was rescued just two or three months before Hurricane Maria, and I’m so grateful. We’re so lucky to have him.”

“He is the sweetest baby, he just loves to cuddle all the time.“When I come home he puts his little paws right up on my legs as if to say: “Just hug me, Mom.”

How awesome and lovely, watch below to see how adorable he is, and please SHARE with your friends and family.

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