Dog Saved From a True Tragedy By Someone Amazing!

We love dogs, you love dogs, but why don’t we all at least respect these animals, after all, if people don’t like dogs, then surely they should not get a dog then just dump… surely not?

This young dog we look at here is finally recovering and gaining strength again, but not before emergency care was required.

This dog didn’ have a collar, definitely no tags either, and the poor girl nearly passed away from what was done to her.

She was rescued in a serious state of dehydration and her hair was matted with filth, of course, to say she was a little underweight would have been a complete understatement!

Chuck Kendrick was on his way from his house to run some errands, when he made the sickening discovery…

He pointed to the bushes and said:

“The crate was right in here with the little flap popped open …I didn’t think she was going to make it, and I kept telling her just hang on…

Chuck found the dog ‘left for dead’ quite literally, dumped and unloved, she was practically crying out for help, so dismayed and so without energy to fight back, hardly to survive any longer.

Chuck took a photo of the dog as he was advised to do then rushed her to the vet, then again the next day he went back to check in her.

He said:

“It’s just one of the most emotional things you can go through, trying to understand how someone could have such little respect for life of any type”

It didn’t take long for the word to spread and before he knew it, the Old Northwood Neighborhood Association banded together and started a fundraising page to pay the vets bills that were accruing fast.

The creator of the page, Matt Chambers, said:

“We’re going to turn a really wrong into a right, and it shows you people care, people come together when you need it”

Again this is a stark reminder to any pet owner, that if they are unable to care for their animal then to make the decision early, to take them to a shelter and put them first!

Capt. David Walesky, Animal Care and Control, said:

“There’s really no excuse to abandon an animal. You need to come forward, you need to turn it in and do the right thing and allow somebody else to care for that animal if you’re not able to do so”

Homeowners in the local area are all doing their due diligence and looking through their personal security camera footage to try to find the responsible party for this abandonment.

Chuck said:

“I’m sure she was within hours, if not minutes, of her life, just being gone, and now she has a chance and a new opportunity”

Now she has the second chance she deserves and she will be a perfect dog for some lucky owner out there!

Chuck, for what you did, you are truly amazing!

We hope that we can all play a part, even if a small part, in combating these kinds of situations, how could you help?

What do you think ?