Dog Run Over And Shot, Left On The Road But Finds A Loving Home

We hear about lots of varied and bizarre events involving dogs, but none was as amazing, in the end, as this one, to be shot then run over and to survive it all after being left for dead!

A woman found the dog, called Star, a boxer mix breed around five-years-old next to a road, all because a car ran over the dog and just took off…

Star was rescued and taken straight to the emergency hospital where she had an X-Ray, it clearly showed that she had been shot, the bullet sliced through nerves and paralyzed her front leg.

The woman who found Star, Heather Glassman, said: – “How she survived this, to begin with, was a miracle”

Star has finally found a new home, but only after many months of recovery at the Clint Moore Animal Hospital in Boca Raton.

Michelle Blan, Stars Adopter, said:

“She runs and she jumps on the bed …She follows us everywhere when I’m in the office working and she’s right by my side.”

Star is now getting the second chance she well deserves to live a happy and content full life with Michelle and Tina Blan.

Damian Caputo, Michelle and Tina’s nephew, said:

“When we heard about when she was injured and got hurt, I was like I really want to get that dog …We can give her a home, can give her lots of love, play with her and take care of her.”

Poor Star is still having water therapy and laser therapy for three days each week, but the vets are hopeful she will make a full recovery, in the end.

Tina said:

“I wish we could take like a dozen more, she’s part of the family”

Star is now starting to put some weight on her leg and you can see she really is recovering, we are so happy this lovely dog not only survived it all, but will make a full recovery, and get all the love she needs, she will make her new owners proud and very happy!

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