When this dog was rescued from a puppy mill he could hardly walk – Then he surprised everyone!

Dog saved from a puppy mill struggles to walk, however, after 2 days, he beat all odds.

Adopting a rescue dog is almost the same as saving a life. There are lots of puppy mill breeding dogs under brutal conditions, so saving just even one poor pup from that life is a commendable action.

However, rescue dogs usually have several conditions that remain a problem even when they’re in their new home.

This little puppy here is Daniel. He was saved from a puppy mill together with another 295 dogs.

puppy mill

Daniel and the other dogs in the puppy mill were held in “unsafe and unsanitary conditions with untreated medical conditions,” reported the Humane Society that discovered him.

After a daring rescue, Daniel, as well as the other dogs, were given medical care in a temporary shelter.

puppy mill

Rescuers and vets soon learned that Daniel was struggling to walk with his front two legs.

But what happened to Daniel after only two days was a sheer miracle.

puppy mill

It’s horrible that Daniel experienced such terrible treatment, but positive things have certainly found their way to him. Make sure you visit the Humane Society website to help dogs like Daniel!

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