Dog Repeatedly Hit In Viral Video – The Hunt For Justice Is On!

To see a sad story is never a nice thing, but to know there has been a really sad story but then there has been a really happy and good outcome that really is a happy positive thought, just like this case here…

This pit bull breed of dog, seen in the video below was punched repeatedly, the video was completely viral, but now there is a real good come from it.

The dog is now with a rescue group, thankfully, and is safe and sound, getting the care that she needs and being prepared for adoption!

Ralph Mansch with Big Paw Rescue said: – “I got about halfway through the first part of it and turned it off …I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The story really has gained so much traction it’s quite unbelievable for sure, you can hear the guy in the video below making wild threats to someone as he beats the dog.

The local authorities think that it all happened in Las Vegas and are eager to catch up with him and have a long talk to him!

Ralph asked:

“How could this guy dare to do this to an animal ?”

We are inclined to agree, how could anyone do this awful thing, what kind of person would do it, we just don’t understand, its evil!

The guy that was seen beating the dog in the video is not the dog’s owner, but the original owner said that the guy was his roommate, although we think he uses the word ‘mate’ very loosely indeed, especially now!

Ralph also said:

“He couldn’t believe it …He called the guy and was like hey you are no longer a roommate here. You are not allowed here.”

The dog’s original owner gave the dog, surrendered him in fact, to Big Paw Rescue and hoped that she will have a better life, we are inclined to think she definitely will!

Who could harm this sweet doggie??

Then Ralph said:

“She’s the greatest dog …Like I’ve never seen a dog that’s when through this, act like nothing happened.”

Her name was Athena, but now she has been reborn she also has a new name, she has been called Kellina, we love it!

This adorable and sweet pit bull, at the lovely age of four-years-old, is now much more relaxed and happy.

Ralph went on to say:

“She’s all over me. She wants to play. She wants to kiss. She wants to run around.”

She will now have to be cleared by the vet, and he will see her for the very first time since she was attacked, then she is almost ready to be adopted!

Finally, Ralph said:

“I’ll probably work with her for a little while with some training issues, and then she will be ready to be adopted out.”

The local authorities and the police have handed the case to the FBI, sadly though the guy has not been caught yet, we hope they will get him soon!!

What do you think ?