Dog In A Prison Made Of Fur Is Finally Released!

We occasionally see some strange things in life, some of those apparently strange things are not what we expect, and that certainly as the case here with this doggie…

The Texas police officers responded to a call out to help what looked like some sort of animal that was really struggling right in the middle of the road.

They were very confused, as were others, they were not quite sure what they were dealing with, having never seen anything like it before!

As they got closer to the strange creature they started to have a suspicion what it might be, it actually was a really badly neglected dog!

The dog was weighed down under a shocking 3kg of matted and knotted fur, it was incredible this poor dog was not in severe pain from the matted fur pulling on his skin.

The local animal rescue center too him in and discovered underneath all the fur was a sweet cocker spaniel, but they had to sedate the poor boy first it was so bad!

They then took the dog to the San Antonio Cocker Spaniel Rescue where he could be looked after, rehabilitated and find a forever home.

Rebecca Payne, from the rescue service, said:

“We had to have this dog … He is the worst dog I’ve ever seen like that. We wanted to give him a happy life.”

Ms. Payne said that the dog when she collected him, was in such a worse condition than even she was expecting.

They called him Hamish and we think that is a lovely name, he does look a little like a Hamish, don’t you think?

Ms. Payne said:

“I was shocked. He was so tiny …He was so underweight you could see almost every bone in his body. I think the mats were so bad he couldn’t open his mouth to eat.”

It’s the general consensus that Hamish has in fact lived for many years under his weighty fur, and it has been growing and getting heavier all the while for a long time!

Now he really is getting love and attention, he feels free from his furry prison he was confined to, at last!

Ms. Payne said:

“He gets a bad rap for his looks. He looks like a grumpy old man, but he’s the most loving, amazing guy.”

“He loves other dogs, his tail gets going. For as much as he’s been through, he’s one of the friendliest dogs we’ve ever had. He’s just so happy.”

Just a little while, two months on from his rescue, he is now living with a foster carer and starting to gain a little weight, not fur but really healthy weight, soon to go up for adoption, look out for hil in the Texas rescue center!

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